Hello my name is Santos, I’m a trained massage therapist and I teach/coach arts of intimate touch. I’m playful and I love being in service to others. I’m well educated, and I speak English and Portuguese. I’m enthusiastic and passionate for life and have dived deeply into Sacred Sexuality and the Temple Arts for my […]


Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am not just your average masseur; I’m a sensual artist, skilled in the delicate dance of touch and pleasure. With years of experience as a male stripper and entertainer, I know exactly how to create an atmosphere of tantalizing excitement and seduction. My patient demeanor allows me to understand your […]


Hello my name is Dan I will entertain and delight you in every way possible. I am a friendly and caring person who will make you feel right at home. I offer a deep, sensual and pleasurable service. Come relax and let me do all the work. I’m sure you deserve it…. I am available […]


My name is Zac, I am a skilled sensual massage therapist who caters to both male and female clients and I specialize in trigger point therapy. I have a deep passion for the art of touch and believe that through exploration, we can unlock new realms of pleasure and connection. As an open-minded intuitive individual, I […]


Hello ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor; a tall, fit and handsome male masseur furthering my journey in the Sensual Massage industry. I take great pride in my appearance which is showcased by my toned physique. Martial arts training has kept me strong and flexible. Also my time in the […]


Hi I’m James, as a bisexual, I love being intimate with both men and women and this is what inspired me to join the industry. So far, I am enjoying it immensely.  I’m an easygoing guy with a gift for making the people around me feel comfortable. I have a boyish, fresh-faced charm and have been told […]