Perfect Touch - Auckland's best sensual massage

A sensual massage is one given with genuine care and intimacy and is an indulgence of the whole body and mind.

The masseuse concentrates on providing a whole body massage with a combination of medium to soft strokes which ultimately leads you into a mindless relaxed orgasm. 

By providing a person with a non-judgmental, honest, open environment where it is not only OK to feel arousal but appropriate , the sensual massage is probably one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have, enabling both the body and mind to relax in a way that regular massage does not. 

As the body becomes more sensually aroused the sensory messages transmitting from the skin and erogenous areas reaffirm the mind that we are safe.

Hormones such as Oxycontin, progesterone and testosterone are released causing our muscles to relax; the mind then falls into  a subconscious state and for a few hours we can literally exist in the “moment”.


Here at Perfect Touch we strive to only provide you with some of the finest masseuses along with a warm, clean and comfortable environment.

Each massage begins with a hot shower. Once you are showered you will be led into the therapy room where for your comfort, the room is dimly lit and sensual music is playing. 

Both you and your chosen masseuse are completely nude during the massage. Once you lay down warm oil is gently trickled all over your body to enlighten your senses, this is followed by some light breast sweeps, full body-slides and an all over body massage to your front and back and lots of sensual teasing. Our ladies are very friendly and enjoy to please our clients so if you have any special requests don’t be shy to ask for them politely.

Towards the end of your booking you will receive hand relief at no extra cost and a relaxing hot shower where your masseuse will offer to wash your back for you.

Please Note: We Do Not Offer Full Service, No Sex.

All our rooms are air conditioned for your comfort